The planets have a plan and now you can plan according to the planets.

The process of pulling together our company's signature piece is a bit daunting. The gathering of many minds, each with their own style and voice, can mean a lot of bending and twisting. The ideas come fast and furious, the workflow moves in and Spirit eventually takes over. There is a bit of brow-wiping, tears of frustration and tears of joy. The writing of The 2020 Energy Almanac leaves its collaborators exhausted and happy. 

This 2020 holistic reference guide, for all of its laboring, is a beauty. The messages inside give its readers much to consider and it offers readers a way to bob, weave, zig, zag, and move through the new year ahead based on the astrology and numerology at play.

Don’t wait for the beginning of every month for the next article to drop. Stop checking your app and start knowing ahead of time exactly what moves to make and when. Know now what’s happening for the entire year ahead.

And finally, after months of big work, it's here. This beauty of a holistic resource is ready for the world! 

The planets have a plan and now you can plan accordingly.

The astrology of the year ahead has been decoded and wrapped up into one beautiful book to keep at your bedside, desktop, or altar.

The Energy Almanac for 2020 is your complete easy-to-read holistic guide for the twelve months of the new year. With beautiful artful illustrations for framing you can see at-a-glance exactly where you should focus your efforts, plus:

  • Get twelve months of information broken into 52 articles that dive deep into your week ahead
  • See exactly how the planets support your days, weeks, months-- then plan accordingly
  • Understand which planets are impacting you and in which life area you can expect to feel it
  • Know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks
  • Use specific essential oils to help balance and restore yourself…we’ll tell you which ones to use, and when
  • Move according to the energies at hand with our chosen yoga pose that supports your body and mind
  • Experience contributions by a professional astrologer, numerologist, gem enthusiast, essential oil specialist, a yogi, and a forward-thinking mindset coach
  • Nourish your body and soul with our carefully thought out practices written by a health and wellness coach

Support your day throughout each moon cycle with the right tools, more ritual, and insight to help you stop striving and start THRIVING.

Give the gift of foresight to yourself and those you love. Don't guess anymore! Plan according to the planets.

Energy Almanac

  • We will reference this book during the Astro Inklings class. Pick your book up at the class.

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