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Spring Flowers in Bloom at The Mix

Spring is such a wonderful time of year in Maine. The air smells so fresh and green. The shades of green are vast and intense...after a long winter of seeing lots of whites and grays...the greens are such a treat to the senses.

And the spring flowers: Daffodils! Crocus! Tulips! Hyacinth! Such beauty and wonderful fragrance to behold!

Here at The Mix we are bringing the outdoors inside. Come to the store on Saturday, May 6th and make your own delightful daffodils! I will have materials and instructions on making felt flowers. Children and a caregiver are welcome to join! Price is $5 per flower.

I'm also offering a more in-depth class on Wednesday, May 17th. I'll have a morning session from 10-12 and an evening gathering from 6-8pm. Cost is $20 per person. Feel free to bring friends and your favorite beverage! Sign up at under the classes tab.

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